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The Pi Alley App

Our custom designed app will offer our best daily rates – currently at least 20% off the posted rates, and $32.00 for up to 12 hours on weekdays.  It’s designed for a frequent or occasional parker who wants flexible parking privileges.  The app uses your Bluetooth enabled phone to enter and exit with the push of a button, and automatically deducts charges from your pre-paid balance.  You can enter and exit multiple times within a day (5am to 5am) and not pay more than the daily maximum, currently $35.20 

Customers have control over usage history, receipt emails, recharge amounts, and credit card updates.  Just download the app for the iPhone or Android and set up an account in a few simple steps.  An account must be set up prior to entering the garage and a minimum of $100 added to the app wallet.  A $50 balance is required to enter the garage and the balance will be automatically recharged from the credit card on file when it goes below this amount.  New features and benefits will be coming to the app shortly.  View App info here.

  •         Access to the garage 24/7, 365 days
  •         In/out same day privileges
  •         No waiting to pay, no contact
  •         Easy setup with a credit card on file


Monthly Parking

Our monthly parking pass is our most convenient parking program. For only $520.00 a month, you will receive 24-hour unlimited access to the garage seven days a week. Monthly parkers are guaranteed access to the garage, even when the facility is otherwise full.

Print a Monthly Parking Application.

Print an Automatic Credit Card Payment Plan Application.  For monthly parking accounts only.  Pi Value debit card accounts - please use Pi Value application below for changes.


Reserved Private Access Monthly Parking

Our reserved parking is located in two underground levels that are accessible only to reserved cardholders. Card access is required for the stairs and elevators to these two levels. These spaces are available for $610.00 a month.

Print a Monthly Parking Application.

Print an Automatic Credit Card Payment Plan Application.


Overnight Monthly Parking

Become an Overnight Monthly Parker for $135 per month and enjoy the following benefits:

  • Garage Access weekdays from 3:30pm - 9:30am the following day
  • Park all day Saturdays/Sundays and designated holidays (see regulations below)

Night monthly customers are subject to these additional rules and regulations.

Print a Monthly Parking Application.

Print an Automatic Credit Card Payment Plan Application.


Pi Value Card - SAVE 15% or more - $33.00 up to 12 hours

This program uses a garage access card that automatically deducts charges from your pre-paid balance. Account balance readings can be obtained at the exit and entrance gates. Pi Value Card offers similar privileges as Monthly Parking program – 24/7 access and unlimited in-and-out privileges, yet you only pay for the hours of the day you park and never more than the maximum rate of $37.40 per day.  FOR INDIVIDUAL USERS THIS PROGRAM IS BEING REPLACED BY THE NEW PI ALLEY APP ABOVE.  Only multi-user company accounts can be set up in the Pi Value Card program - please email us for approval to set up a new account.  Existing individual Pi Value cardholders can upgrade to the app and email us to request a transfer of their remaining balance to the app once the app has been used to enter and exit at least once.  

Access: 24-hour access to the garage, 365 days of the year.

Unlimited: same day in-and-out privileges.

Convenient: no waiting in line to pay.

Corporate Group Accounts: allow you to link multiple access cards to a single account.

Easy payment with our Automatic Credit Card Payment Plan.

Print a Pi Value Card Application.

Bring completed application to the garage office or email to admin@pialleygarage.com

Please note: The Pi Value Card is a prepaid parking program. Payments to the account are NOT refundable and have value only as daily parking as specified in the Agreement.

For changes to an existing account including credit card number, please complete an updated application and email or return to the office.  There is no fee for changes. For changes to expiration date only please call or email.


Hotel Parking


Overnight Hotel Guest rates as low as $22.00 per 24 hours when purchased online by clicking here or "Buy Parking" above.

Overnight Hotel Guests who would like in/out privileges can pay a discounted prepaid rate as low as $27.00 per 24 hours, with a two day minimum stay.


Night Rate

Perfect for second shift employees and evening visitors to the Downtown Crossing/Faneuil Hall/Financial District.

Take advantage of our Night and Weekend Rates – Enter after 5:00pm and exit by 3am Monday through Thursday, and enter after 4pm Friday and exit by 3am Monday, up to 10 hours $14.00, $11.90 if you have a Pi Value Card.